Brookline Youth Lacrosse's goal is to promote lacrosse and provide a fun, positive, and enriching experience for youth and parents in Brookline.
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Give Back to the Game You Love - Coach for BYL
Are you interesting in being a Volunteer Coach For Brookline Youth...
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Interested in Brookline Youth Lacrosse?  Join our mailing list!   To...
Brookline/Parkway Select Lacrosse Program Tryouts
Program Description: Now in its fourth year, Brookline and Parkway...
How to order Equipment/Uniforms
New players need to order their equipment package and uniforms....
Donate to Friends Of Brookline Lacrosse
You can make a tax deductible donation to Friends of Brookline...
Brookline Youth Lacrosse FAQs
Brookline Youth Lacrosse FAQs Question: Are there try-outs? Answer:...
Lacrosse quick facts
  Lacrosse has been called "the...
Equipment Exchange
We now have a new forum to allow parents to obtain used equipment...
Give Back to the Game You Love - Coach for BYL
Are you interesting in being a Volunteer Coach For Brookline Youth Lacrosse?
We are looking for former players that want to give back to the game they love.  Coaching positions available for both Boys and Girls at all ages (1st through 8th grades).  Please contact Will Goldthwait (e-mail: , phone or text: 617-959-1676).

by posted 11/22/2014
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Interested in Brookline Youth Lacrosse?  Join our mailing list!
To be added to our mailing list, please click on the pre-registration tab on the left-hand side of this page and request to be added.  We will notify you of upcoming registration dates and instructions on how to register.  Once you register for the spring season, you will receive regular correspondence from the program.

by posted 11/11/2014
Brookline/Parkway Select Lacrosse Program Tryouts

Program Description: Now in its fourth year, Brookline and Parkway (West Roxbury) Youth Lacrosse will combine to have select lacrosse teams in the spring of 2015. Brookline/Parkway Select will be high-level training and competition for committed players who will play lacrosse as their primary spring sport. Select players will be required to continue to participate in the non-select Massachusetts Bay Youth Lacrosse League (MBYLL) “Classic” Town Program including 1 game on Sunday. Our 2015 team rosters will be approximately 18 players per team. We plan to field a U13 A Team, a U13 B team, a U15 A team, and possibly a U15B team.


Brookline Parkway Select Coaching: The Brookline/Parkway Select teams will be co-coached by Brookline or Parkway Town Coaches and professional coaches from 3D Lacrosse.


Spring Practices: Two practices per week- March through June 2015 at the Dexter School.


Spring Games: There will be one game per week on Friday night or Saturday morning, March through June 2015. These games are played against the other MBYLL select teams from our region. This is high level competition against skilled teams. The select season culminates in a playoff series and championship game that occurs during the MBYLL jamboree.


Cost: The approximate cost for the Spring 2015 Select Team will be $800. This fee includes the spring 2015 practices, games, and tournaments, and pays for the team uniforms, professional coaching, and rental of field space at the Dexter School.


Scholarships and Additional Information: We do not want program cost to be a barrier for talented and committed players, so several need-based scholarships for reduced or waived tuition will be available. Please contact Dave Jenkins for additional information ( ).


Tryout date: Saturday October 25th, 2014.

U-13 (5th and 6th grade) 12:30pm – 2:30pm

U-15 (7th and 8th grade) 2:30pm – 4:30pm



Dexter School

20 Newton Street

Brookline, MA 02445


Tryout Cost and Tryout Registration:

$40 per player

You must register for tryouts ahead of time at the following link:


We strongly encourage attendance at the October 25th tryout so that your player can be evaluated with other potential teammates. If your son is unable to make the tryout because of an immovable conflict, please contact Alee Day ( ), and we will do our best to find an alternate time when your player can be evaluated during one of the Fall 3D-Elite training sessions that occur Saturday mornings at Dexter School.


More information on MBYLL select lacrosse can be found at the MBYLL web site:


Please contact Kevin Croce ( ) or Alee Day ( ) if you have questions about this opportunity.


by posted 10/04/2014
How to order Equipment/Uniforms

New players need to order their equipment package and uniforms. Returning players only need to order new uniforms if they have lost or outgrown those from last year. The uniforms have not changed from last year.

Our Uniform/Equipt nights will be held on Wed 1/30 & Wed 2/27 at the Putterham Golf Clubhouse (
1281 West Roxbury Parkway, Brookline) from 5:00-8pm. This is an easy one-stop way for new players to get all their required equipment and uniforms. Returning players can try on uniforms to ensure they order the proper size. So everyone should take advantage of these evenings.

Uniforms/apparel can also be purchased from RPGraphics by phone (617-734-0006) or online at If ordering online, be aware that orders are final with no refund. So make sure you order the correct size. **Note boys jerseys are running one size small compared to a few years ago.

Equipment can also be purchased directly at our equipment provider ComLax (781-400-5813) at 1299 Highland Ave, Needham. Store hours are M-F 10am-8pm, Sat 10am-6pm, Sun noon-5pm. Be sure to mention that you are a Brookline Youth Lacrosse family.

Contact our Equipment & Uniform coordinator Tommy Lee ( if you have any questions.

by posted 02/23/2013
Donate to Friends Of Brookline Lacrosse
You can make a tax deductible donation to Friends of Brookline Lacrosse (FOBL)! The goal of FOBL is promote lacrosse in Brookline. The organization supports lacrosse in Brookline by providing scholarships for camps, clinics, & equipment to deserving boys/girls. It also funds major projects like the scoreboard, field equipment, etc. You can support FOBL by making tax deductible donations.

To donate via PayPal simply click below

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Brookline Youth Lacrosse FAQs

Brookline Youth Lacrosse FAQs

  • Question: Are there try-outs?
    Answer: There are no try-outs and no prior lacrosse experience is required. Every child is accepted in our program and receives equal playing time, coaching, and attention regardless of their athletic ability, skill, and experience. This is one of our core philosophies.

  • Question: What are the age groups? Does my child need have prior lacrosse experience?
    Answer: Our program is for players from 1st thru eighth grade. Players are grouped by grade; 1st-2nd grade, 3rd/4th grade, 5th/6th grade, & 7th/8th grade. There are seperate boys and girls programs as the boys and girls games are fairly different (the boys game allows more contact and thus requires more protective gear). No prior lacrosse experience is required. We pride ourselves on helping every player reach their potential and having fun in the process.

  • Question: When are registrations and when does the season begin/end?
    Answer: Lacrosse is a spring sport. However, we hold registrations starting in December. Clinics for players new to lacrosse begin indoors in late Feb/early March without the returning players. This gives new players a chance to learn the game in a low pressure atmosphere with individual attention. Returning players join the mix in March indoors. The regular season and outdoor practices begin the first week of April and run thru mid June. The conclusion of the season is a state-wide Jamboree in which we participate on one week-end day at Ft. Devens. The event, which actually takes place over 4 days, is the largest youth lacrosse event in the world!

  • Question: What is the financial commitment?
    Answer: The registration fee is $145 per child. This fee covers paying the referees, equipment expenses such as balls/goals/goalie-equipt/etc, our year-end celebration for parents/players, and various regional league/tournament expenses. It also includes a 1-year membership to USLacrosse, the national governing body of lacrosse. Membership in USLacrosse includes league required insurance coverage and a subscription to the monthly USLacrosse magazine. Registration scholarships are available.

    The equipment cost for girls is approximately $60. This package includes a stick and protective eye goggles. The equipment cost for boys is approximately $180. This package includes a stick, helmet, shoulder pads, arm pads, and gloves. You will also need to purchase a mouth guard ($2-$20). Cleats are highly recommended. Soccer cleats are fine. Equipment scholarships are available.

    The cost of the game jersey & shorts is $94 for boys and $92 for girls. While we encourage the purchase of both a jersey & shorts, you may purchase just a jersey if you desire. Scholarships are available.


  • Question: How long does the season run? Are March clinics mandatory?
    Answer: The pre-season starts indoors the last week of Feb and runs through March. The regular season runs from April through mid-June. The March clinics are not mandatory. These are geared towards new players to give them more personal introductory level instruction before we bring our returning players into the mix in March. So while it's a very good idea for new players to attend, it's certainly not mandatory. In general, while we'd like players to attend as many practices as possible, we understand that kids have lots of activities/interests. While our schedule has not been finalized, we will likely have the clinics on Tuesday nights around 6:30pm and Sunday afternoons around 1pm. They will begin the end of Feb and run through the end of March. We'll actually get outside for practices for a couple of weeks in late March. Outdoor practices begin the first week of April (weather and field conditions permitting).

  • Question: Is there one team for each age group, or more than one? If more than one, how are they composed? With kids from various schools in Brookline, or are they organized by school? Are the teams parent-coached?
    Answer: We'll likely have 2 teams for most boys/girls groups. In keeping with our philosophy of equal playing time for all kids and keeping it fun for all, we compose the teams by balancing the teams and placing kids with their friends. We ask kids to list three friends that they would like to placed with and guarentee that they will be on a team with a least one of them. This also helps for carpooling purposes. We try to evaluate the kids skills during our March practices/scrimmages in order to balance the teams. The coaches are a mix of parents and recent college graduates. All of our coaches are volunteers with extensive lacrosse experience. We even have a few that were collegiate All-Americans! Most importantly, they love working with the kids, want to give back to the game of lacrosse after having played it themselves, and want to make sure that everyone has fun, gets exercise, and learns valuable life-lessons. Yes we want to win our games, but not at the expense of any of the kids. While we're a bit biased, we think we have one of the most well-rounded and well-coached programs in Brookline.

  • Question: Are there practices during the week? If so, how many/week? Any idea when they are held?
    Answer: We practice twice a week once the regular season starts in April. The practice nights vary by age group. Most run from 6pm-7:30pm. The younger 1st-2nd grade age groups generally finish earlier. Practice locations include Park School, Soule Rec, and Downes field. As noted above, while we'd like players to attend as many practices as possible, we understand that kids have lots of activities/interests.

  • Question: Which teams would we play? What time do games start? How long before the game do the players have to be there for any pre-game warm-up?
    Answer: The leagues we play in are split into two geographic sub-divisions in order to try and minimize travel time. So traveling time should range from 20-45 minutes for away games. We play an 8-10 game season. So only 4 or 5 of the games would be away at another town. The games for the U11 boys teams (3rd/4th grade) are generally at 3:00pm, the U13 boys teams (5th/6th grade) at 1:30pm, and the U15 boys teams (7th/8th grade) at 12pm on Sunday afternoons. Boys U9 (1st-2nd grade) game times are yet to be determined. The games for the U15 girls teams (7th/8th grade) are generally at 1:00pm, the U13 girls teams (5th/6th grade) at 2:15pm, and the U11 girls teams (3rd/4th grade) at 3:30pm on Sunday afternoons. Girls U9 (1st-2nd grade) game times are yet to be determined. We ask that the players arrive 30 minutes before game time.


  • Question: I have more questions. How do I get them answered?
    Answer: Click on the "Feedback" tab in the left nav at the bottom to submit any/all questions you might have. We do virtually all of our communication via email. Please feel free to submit any questions/comments/concerns you might have at any time. Over the course of the ten years since we founded the program we have responded to 100's-of-thousands of emails. No question is too small or "stupid".

    You may also contact program administrators via the "Contacts" tab in the left nav.

by posted 10/29/2011
Lacrosse quick facts


  • Lacrosse has been called "the fastest sport on two feet"

  • Lacrosse is a unique combination of speed, skill, agility, grace, teamwork, finesse, and historical significance. Basketball inventor James Naismith called it, "the best of all possible field games."

  • Lacrosse is currently the fastest growing sport in the United States.
  • Massachusetts boasts 6,000+ youth lacrosse players from 2nd - 8th grade.

  • Lacrosse is played nationwide by 250,000+ players at 600 colleges and 2,000 high schools.

  • Lacrosse has been ranked by the NCAA safety committee as one of the top third safest sports.


posted 10/28/2011
Equipment Exchange
We now have a new forum to allow parents to obtain used equipment for their players. Click the "Equipment Exchange" tab in the left column to post used equipment you'd like to sell/exchange or to view used equipment for sale/exhange by a parent.

Note that all transactions are the sole responsibily of the selling/buying/exchanging parties. Brookline Youth Lacrosse simply provides this forum for interested parties.

posted 11/05/2009
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