Brookline Youth Lacrosse's goal is to promote lacrosse and provide a fun, positive, and enriching experience for youth and parents in Brookline.

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Codes of Conduct

Brookline Youth Lacrosse is committed to providing an environment that fosters fun, good sportsmanship, and personal and physical growth for its young athletes.  Our goal is to ensure that the experiences of children participating in our programs promote responsibility and the best elements of team competition.  Our organization welcomes all eligible participants to become a part of its lacrosse programs.  It requires participants to acknowledge that appropriate behavior is an essential ingredient to the success of the program and to the enjoyment of those involved.  Accordingly, each player, coach, board member, any other volunteer participating in Brookline Youth Lacrosse is required to review and abide by our BYL Code of Conduct as a condition of eligibility.  Any individual who fails to abide by these requirements is subject to disciplinary action by Brookline Youth Lacrosse and Brookline Rec, including suspension and a termination of participation, without refund of participation or other fees.

Player Code of Conduct

1. Play hard but fair. Play by the rules of the game.
2. Demonstrate positive behavior and respect toward teammates, opponents, coaches, officials, parents, and spectators.
3. Demonstrate good sportsmanship at all times.  Win with dignity and lose with grace.   
4. Support your teammates at all times.
5. Refrain from using profanity at practices or games.
6. Be committed to the team. Attend and participate in practices and games.
7. Respect referees by politely accepting their decisions. Never talk back to an official.
8. Respect coaches by politely accepting their coaching and accepting their decisions about what is best for the team. Ask questions and seek to improve.  

Parent Code of Conduct

1. Help your child understand and honor the Player Code of Conduct.
2. Recognize and applaud good play on both sides.
3. Encourage your child's commitment their team.
4. Honor the game by never criticizing players, coaches or referees either explicitly or implicitly (e.g. groaning, physical motions, coaching from the sidelines).
5. Encourage other spectators to honor these expectations.

Coach Code of Conduct

1. Enthusiastically support and practice "Everyone plays" and uphold the positive coaching philosophies of BYL.
2. Be reasonable in your demands on the players' energy, enthusiasm and performance on the field.
3. Impress on your players that they must abide by the rules of the game at all times.
4. Develop and encourage team respect for the ability of opponents, and for the judgment of referees and opposing coaches.
5. Ensure that your players' experience is fun and enjoyable (winning is only part of it). Players should never be yelled at or ridiculed for making mistakes or losing a game.
6. Set a good example and be generous with your praise when it is deserved. Children deserve a coach worthy of their respect.